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Deliver better experiences with an Edge Data Center

The cloud services industry is growing. Meanwhile, there are no signs of the colocation data center market shrinking — the trend is quite the opposite. A report from Allied Market Research predicts the market will reach $51.89 billion by 2020 with a CAGR of 12.4%. But something is changing rapidly and that is how companies use colocation solutions, as a way to meet distributed data networks, edge computing and high-throughput data processing needs. And this is where the edge data center deployment becomes interesting.

Head over to E-book now: Deliver better experiences with edge data center colocation

Fueled by IoT and the arrival of 5G, the ongoing decentralization of the cloud is driving the growing shift towards distributed ‘edge’ computing. As a provider, you need to be able to deliver services at the speed and quality that end users expect, there is simply no margin for the latency and intermittent connections. With an edge data center, companies can be where their end users are. And this market is also growing; PwC US predicts the global market for edge data centers to triple over the years 2017 through 2024, reaching a worth of $4 billion.

Edge data centers enable large portions of the data processing, storage, control and management of local applications to take place much closer to users. Consequently, latency is significantly decreased and the application responsiveness is optimized, which in turn leads to a maximized enterprise productivity, efficiency, user experience and of course: an edgy competitive advantage. Today, we launch a new E-book on how you can utilize an edge data center to deliver better experiences for your end-users. Our COO Stefan Nilsson comments on the launch:

“Edge data centers are a crucial competitive advantage for digital service providers globally today. Being near your end-users is key for being able to deliver the speed and quality which they increasingly expect and with this E-book we hope to spread knowledge on why that is — and what market trends are rapidly impacting the need for edge data centers deployments.”

In the e-book we cover topics like Why an edge data center?, Edge data center use cases and Characteristics of an edge data center colocation solution. You can access the E-book free of charge here.

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