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STIM has made some large changes just the matter of a couple of years, mostly driven by digitalization, streaming services and new channels which provides music with copyright. Something that requires an improved IT delivery.

Therefore, STIM has redesigned their infrastructure from the foundation. Before, the IT environment was all over the place with production on several sites. They lacked a structure for change management and had unclear processes for handling clients. Today, STIM holds an extremely solid and reliable IT environment which truly serve organizational needs.

“We realized that our former solution wasn’t compliant with future needs so we decided to start from the beginning. That is, with our data centers. We needed an infrastructure that was both secure and with 100% availability. We also needed a set of vendors that could supply us with the right products. A great cooperation is key to be able to implement processes which simplify for daily operations.”, says Anna Hemmingsson, IT manager at STIM.

After the recent changes, STIM keeps all of their production on one single site. They also have a backup site that is ready to take over in case of an emergency, a so called geographical risk diversity, which enables high availability yet easy maintenance.

“We have created a solution that work perfectly for us. It is secure, structured and is placed close which is useful whenever we need to access it. Furthermore, Conapto offers great support though an online portal which is really is to use whenever we want to make changes or add ons.“, says Aram Galestian, head of operations and infrastructure at STIM.

Today, a bare minimum of resources is spent of keeping everything up and rolling. Instead, focus is on innovation and development, which is easy to tell from the projects that STIM is currently working on.

“It’s a true luxury to be able to say that we have found our way when it comes to infrastructure, which allows us to spend more time fun development projects. We have recently finished a digitalization project of our conference rooms, is currently improving the work stations and is planning to modernize the phone solutions.”, finishes Aram Galestian.

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